iStory XR Storytelling Platform - 3D Interactive stories

Experience on Storytelling with XR technologies

iStory Platform delivers quality learning experiences that inspires children to learn. A team of AR developers, 3D artists, designers and researchers to deliver immersive experiences that inspire kids to watch and learn. We are VisionLab Innovators. Now bringing our passion with a combined 7+ years of XR technologies, Mobile App and web development experience to the world of education.

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Our Story

It was started as an experimental project in 2016. With a great response from parents and kids we decided to launch it as an new XR eBook platform. The idea is to create a platform where users can get an immersive experience of learning with the help of technology, without investing into any additional hardware

Our Mission

The goal of the iStory eBook platform is to be a single platform where readers can get high quality storytelling eBooks, 3D AR (Augmented Reality) eBooks with interactivity actions.

iStory XR Storytelling Platform - 3D Interactive stories