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Augmented Reality Storytelling

Once, the classrooms had four walls, filthy blackboards, and uneasy school desks. Students were silent did what they were told, and were limited by their past practices.

Luckily, technology comes very helpfully. For many classrooms, those days of inflexible learning are departed. Our lessons can now include incredible experiences and interactions through immersive  technology. An influential use for using immersive technology, like augmented and virtual reality, is

learning through storytelling. Stories are a powerful way to deliver meaningful and relevant content. The learning is heightened when paired with a story that penetrates the heart of the student. Let’s explore some of the newest and best tools out there and see if we can’t get students to create their cheerfully

ever after. 

Augmented reality makes storytelling interactive and immersive. iStory eBook platform is a unique kind of augmented reality storytelling app that provides a multisensory experience that makes storytelling time enjoyable and thrilling. It helps increasing sensory development as it enhances the mental and physical handiness of kids. The goal of the iStory eBook platform is a unique kind of AR storytelling app. It is to be a single platform where readers can get high-quality storytelling eBooks, 3D AR (Augmented Reality) eBooks with interactivity actions, and any publishers/individuals can publish their 3D eBooks in iStory platform. 

AR Stories

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Importance of kids storytelling


Kids’ storytelling help to develop a child’s thoughts by introducing new ideas into their world – ideas about our worlds, other planets, different points in time, and fantasy personalities. It’ll let the kids understand that they can, and should, imagine anything they wish for. In this digital age, it’s nearly impossible to keep young children away from electronic devices. However, we can make the most out of their screen time by making the most of the benefits of highly developed technology. One way we can leverage scientific devices is by taking storytelling to the next level and enhancing the educational value of books using AR storytelling apps.

How AR storytelling app is being used for Storybooks?


For the time of our forefathers, kids bedtime story has been every kid’s much-loved recollection. At night, when the sun gets back and the sky turning dark, many of the kids would watch out their doors, waiting for their mother or grandmother to come and tell them a story. However, such interactions were purely based on imagination and the child could only visualize the story vicariously.

The beginning of augmented reality seems to be a table-turner with the development of amazing that we call AR storytelling app.


Augmented Reality (IOS, Android)

Virtual Reality (Oculus VR)

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Animate your storytelling time with iStory eBook platform


iStory is an innovative kind of  AR storytelling app. It is so designed that it strengthens the time between the kid and the parent, eases learning. Such kids bedtime stories can be of different types. For example, a book could be the physical clone of a traditional one that is linked digitally to provide a real-time experience.